Itni Khubsurat Lyrics – Risk (Hindi)

Itni Khubsurat Lyrics sung by Hymath Mohammed is a New Hindi Romantic Song from the movie RISK. This song is written by Mast Ali and music by Gantadi Krishna.

Never Together Lyrics – Manan Bhardwaj

Never Together Lyrics sung, written, and composed by Manan Bhardwaj featuring Yesha Sagar is a Hindi Romantic Song ‘Par Teri To Shaadi Ho Rahi Hai’

JIND MAHIYA Lyrics – Saaj Bhatt

Jind Mahiya Lyrics sung by Saaj Bhatt & Bhaswati Sengupta is a New Hindi Romantic Song written by Amjad Nadeem and Ft Pooh In Korea & Pravisht Mishra.

Aaye Ram Mere Lyrics – Tulsi Kumar

Aaye Ram Mere Lyrics sung by Tulsi Kumar is a New Hindi Devotional Song written by Rashmi Virag and composed by Raaj Aashoo.

Tere Bina Lyrics – Saaj Bhatt

Tere Bina Lyrics sung by Saj Bhatt and composed by Gourov Dasgupta is a Hindi Love Song depicting the pain of the absence of a special person.